Booking a consultation is about investing in your health, both now and for the future.  Rachel offers a range of different consultations to suit your needs.
"For many children 'healthy food' is boring whereas sweets, chocolate and crisps are exciting treats.  It's my mission to completely turn this around!"
Whilst Rachel's primary concern is with food; nutrition supplements and testing are an integral part of Rachel's practice.
Rachel runs regular courses on a range of different nutrition topics, for children as well as adults.
To book a consultation or if you have any questions you can contact Rachel at her clinic on 01704 821 711 or online here.

Rachel Bartholomew

Health and nutrition are about so much more than analysing your diet. Our attitudes towards food and the way we involve it in our lives, are just as important for good health.
Food is there to be enjoyed not endured. I encourage people to embrace the whole process of eating, from choosing high quality, fresh food, to preparing a meal and sharing it with others.
For over ten years, I have loved making a difference to people’s lives by helping them to feel better and become healthier. If you would like to discuss how I could work with you or your family, I’d love to hear from you.

“Einstein once said that ‘all knowledge should be translated into action’, and I’m a big believer in this. I often find that once I have explained to patients in a simple way, where problems may be rooted, it’s literally as if a lightbulb has been switched on. If people understand ‘why’ they may be experiencing particular symptoms then they are much more likely to take positive action to improve their health.”