Research shows time and time again that being organised around food is an essential habit to adopt if you want to have a predominantly healthy diet.  Hence why I bring my lunch to work with me most days.

Time was short this morning, so I grabbed a portion of carrot & red lentil soup from the freezer along with a handful of washed spinach leaves in a food bag.

As lunch time approached, my uninspiring lunch was soon transformed into a gourmet feast following a trip the Food Shop here at Cedar Farm.  ”Please Phil, I need something to turn my spinach leaves into something a bit more exciting!”  was my urgent request.  Minutes later, I was leaving the shop with a little tub full of mixed bean salad, olives and stuffed peppers, all super fresh and made from scratch using super tasty and nutritious ingredients.

That little tub transformed my lunch today – adding plenty of taste and hiking up the nutrient content too.

Thank goodness for The Food Shop!

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