At a recent Nutri training event, one of my fantastic fellow freelancers happened to mention that it had just been her birthday and of course, as nosey as we all are we asked ‘which one?’  Now I’m not going to mention any names but what I will say is that our jaws dropped and in unison we all agreed she looked at least ten years younger, and we meant it.

The lady in question modestly attributed her youthful appearance to plenty of water and her daily dose of fish oil.

Now forgive me for rambling on a bit but I’ve just been reading this month’s edition of one of my favourite glossies, in which one of the journalists decides to try out 24 hours of youth-enhancing cosmetic and surgical procedures.  A huge fortune and several bruises later she does I have to admit look lovely, but in a slightly airbrushed, whiter than white teeth sort of way.  A second scan of the article and I realise that there has been no mention of, or reference made to the simple ‘procedures’ our youthful freelancer has been following all these years, and I’m a bit disappointed by that.

So, in a bid to set the record straight and having been inspired to keep it simple just like our freelancer has done all these years, here’s my top three rules for ageing gracefully:

1)   You don’t need me to tell you rule number 1, which is that ‘beauty shines from within’, the people who are most beautiful are often not cosmetically perfect but have that certain sparkle about them, the one that lets you know that they’re happy in their own skin.

2)   And if you’re looking for a little extra help, (and lets face it we all are) perhaps you could try rule number 2, which is simply ‘drink plenty of water and make sure you are always well oiled from within’, that means a daily dose of high quality omega 3-rich fish oil.

3)   Rule number 3, which is one I picked up years ago is ‘don’t underestimate the power of getting enough sleep’, it can seriously knock years off you if you get into the habit and add many more if you don’t.

So, there you have it, simple, inexpensive and effective, three easy rules to follow and not a bruise in sight.

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