Booking a consultation is about investing in your health, both now and for the future.  Rachel offers a range of different consultations to suit your needs.
"For many children 'healthy food' is boring whereas sweets, chocolate and crisps are exciting treats.  It's my mission to completely turn this around!"
Whilst Rachel's primary concern is with food; nutrition supplements and testing are an integral part of Rachel's practice.
Rachel runs regular courses on a range of different nutrition topics, for children as well as adults.
To book a consultation or if you have any questions you can contact Rachel at her clinic on 01704 821 711 or online here.

About Rachel

Rachel’s early encounters with the business of nutrition were at a young age, regularly setting up garden mud-pie shops with her two sisters, Corinne and Nina!  It was many years later, in 2000, when travelling around Australia after completing an English degree, and sadly leaving the mud-pie shops behind that Rachel’s passion for nutrition really began to take shape.

First stop Melbourne, and a chance encounter with seriously delicious, yet seriously healthy, garlicky peanut and carrot soup!

Second stop Sydney and Rachel noticed a remarkable difference in the type and availability of convenience food compared to the UK and thoroughly enjoyed visiting local delis in Sydney where you really could nip out and enjoy a super delicious lunch that was also super healthy.  Regularly eating fresh, brightly coloured food every day and a range of delicious, varied salads rather than sandwiches was not only much more delicious and interesting, it also made you feel better too.

Third stop the northern wilderness where freshly caught barramundi fish was served directly from the campfire alongside salads and rice; no chips in sight.  At that time this way of eating and awareness around food was something that was seriously lacking in the UK, so she came back with bright ideas of working with food on a more therapeutic level and hoping to spread the word that health food really need not be bland and boring.  As soon as Rachel arrived back in the UK she came across an advert for a 4 year nutrition course, ran by Patrick Holford, immediately applied, was granted a place on the prestigious course, and the rest as they say is history.

Four years nutrition training in London, a perfect in-house job as Nutritionist with Nutri, a wedding, two children, freelance work for Nutri, running a busy nutrition clinic and nutrition courses based at the gorgeous Cedar Farm in Mawdesley, meeting Mandy Pearson and developing the Mindful Eating course, all in that kind of order brings you right up to date.

“Thinking back to those delicious days of eating barramundi round a wilderness campfire, it was then, unbeknown to me, that the early seeds of working in the field of nutrition were probably sown.  One of the principles I encourage people to adopt is to make a meal of every meal, in exactly the way we cooked, served, shared and enjoyed the campfire barramundi. Funnily enough, it had a slightly earthy, muddy taste to it, reminiscent of a much earlier childhood taste. Perhaps the seeds had been sown much earlier.”

Beyond mud & barramundi, read more about Rachel’s nutrition journey, experience and qualifications so far….

Rachel Bartholomew BA (Hons) dip ion mbant ntc cnhc

 Fully insured nutrition consultant 

Qualifications and Training

BA (Hons) (English) :Manchester University
Dip ION : Diploma in Nutritional Therapy : Institute of Optimum Nutrition
BANT : Full member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition & Nutritional Therapy – the professional body for nutritional therapists. The primary function of BANT is to assist members in attaining the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, competence and professional practice, in order to protect the client’s interests, nutritional therapy and the nutritional therapist.
NTC : Registered with the Nutrition Therapy Council
CNHC : Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council
The CNHC Registration Scheme, supported by the Department of Health, is designed to enable applicants to demonstrate that their training and experience meets the National Occupation Standards (NOS) for their profession.


2000 – 2004 

Following a BA (Hons) in English at the University of Manchester and time spent travelling round Australia, I attended the Nutritional Therapy Diploma Course at The Institute of Optimum Nutrition (ION), Putney, London from 2000 – 2004. Founded by Patrick Holford in 1984, graduates of ION include The Food Doctor Ian Marber, and Diet Doctor Vicki Edgson. Speakers on course were respected leaders in the field of nutrition, including Patrick Holford; Dr Marilyn Glenville; Paul Clayton and Xandria Williams.


Began my work in-house as a nutritionist at Nutri in Derbyshire. Nutri was set up in 1981 by Ken Eddie and his family, and is now regarded as perhaps the leading nutrition supplement and nutrition education company in the UK. They pride themselves on providing high quality effective products, continuous nutrition education for healthcare practitioners and unrivalled customer service.

Working as an in-house nutritionist for Nutri, I provided nutrition support and advice to healthcare practitioners on how best to support patients, along with technical research and article writing. I gained a thorough understanding of nutrition supplements during this time, which has proved invaluable to my career. I also actively supported practitioners with the interpretation of functional medicine tests: analysing test results and advising how to best move forward with each patient.  I also trained extensively in the use of Bio Impedance Analysis (fat: lean ratio testing to support weight loss ) whilst at Nutri, and continue to use this testing method in my practice today.


When my daughter was born, I took on a more flexible freelance nutritionist position with Nutri. I continue to occupy this role, providing technical writing and research, creating regular newsletters to keep practitioners informed of the latest developments in the world of nutrition; providing monthly health updates; Nutri news; technical review articles; patient guides; practitioner support materials; educational materials – and all other relevant literature!

As part of their continued education program, Nutri also run regularly seminars, attended by renowned speakers from all over the world. Since 2001, I work at some of these seminars, including their annual, Functional Medicine conference in London, led by Dr Jeffry Bland and also featuring international experts in the field of nutrition.

I regularly attend seminars to keep my nutrition knowledge up-to-date – and because I am still absolutely fascinated by the subject.

I’m also currently enjoying an NLP practitioner course which is absolutely fascinating and invaluable for the coaching and motivational aspects of supporting patients with nutrition.

2004 – Present

Mum to Amelie, I welcomed son, Tom, in 2006, and slowly built up the practice side of my business. I have continued to develop a strong client base over the years, covering a wide range of health problems.

Now both of my children are attending school, I have full (school) time to devote to my work, with Amelie and Tom taking a great interest in my business – designing posters, stickers, and creating illustrations for this website!

2010 – Present

Early in 2010, I expanded my nutrition business with a beautiful clinic space and studio based at Cedar Farm, where I now stock a range of nutrition products and run the Mindful Eating course.

I also become the resident nutritionist for Child’s Talk magazine, providing articles for busy families with young children. As a working mother, like so many other busy mums out there, I’m able to tailor my advice to offer very practical advice!