Bird Art

Many people have asked me why I chose a bird for my logo and there is neither a long winded answer or even a clever meaning behind the choice.  I just like birds, and always have done, ever since I was little and used to watch British garden birds feeding on coconuts & bacon fat in front of our kitchen window at breakfast time.  So, good, happy food & birds often went hand in hand.  Together with my sisters, and taught by my lovely Dad, we learnt all the names and spent many happy mornings waiting for our favourites to drop by.  Happy days.

If your children are anything like mine they’ll love an opportunity to get involved and put their own creative slant on my friendly bird.  Just download the picture, print it out and get busy making him your own.  I would absolutely love to see what you do with him so if it’s not too much trouble you can either pop him in the post and send him back to me, scan him in or take a quick piccie and email him over so we can add him to our gallery!