Booking a consultation is about investing in your health, both now and for the future.  Rachel offers a range of different consultations to suit your needs.
"For many children 'healthy food' is boring whereas sweets, chocolate and crisps are exciting treats.  It's my mission to completely turn this around!"
Whilst Rachel's primary concern is with food; nutrition supplements and testing are an integral part of Rachel's practice.
Rachel runs regular courses on a range of different nutrition topics, for children as well as adults.
To book a consultation or if you have any questions you can contact Rachel at her clinic on 01704 821 711 or online here.

Mindful Eating

In 2010, Rachel joined forces with Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & NLP Trainer Mandy Pearson, together they launched the Mindful Eating Programme which helps people to change their eating habits for good.

Mindful Eating is a 6 week programme that takes into account both nutritional & psychological principles to help you change your eating habits, and achieve and maintain your ideal weight for good. The 6 week programme will challenge you to examine your relationship with food whilst providing you with practical tools, techniques and up to the minute nutritional advice that will allow you to change how you eat, look and feel forever.

“I have helped many clients to achieve their ideal weight over the years, but for some it’s not knowing what they need to do, it’s actually putting it into practice that’s often the hardest part.  Mandy’s vast experience and skills with goal setting, motivation, changing habits and actually getting to the root cause of why people overeat is the ideal complement to the nutrition advice I deliver.”

Together Rachel & Mandy have written a book on the subject.  ’Mindful Eating’ is published by Cico Books – January 2014.  For more details follow this link.

Find out more and to start the Programme visit