Mindful Eating a great new course from Rachel BartholomewTo celebrate the launch of ‘Mindful Eating’, a new and innovative weight loss course, Rachel Bartholomew, Nutrition expert and Mandy Pearson, NLP, Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy expert have joined forces to share some of their secrets for successful, long-lasting weight loss.
How would it feel if you could finally lose those extra pounds gained during pregnancy and have a healthy body, feeling attractive, fit and full of vitality? How would you look? How would you feel? How would your life be different?
There are many different reasons for weight gain, it can be fairly sudden, such as the weight gain that happens naturally during pregnancy or can be a fairly gradual increase that happens over many years, or even a combination of both.
Whatever the reason, there still needs to come a point where you decide that the ‘time is now’ to give up some of the bad habits you might have got into and make some really positive changes to your diet and lifestyle that will help you to achieve your optimal body weight and improve your health & wellbeing.
In terms of weight loss, the maths is simple; in order to lose weight you need to take in fewer calories than your body uses each day. So why, if it really is that simple, do so many people find it so difficult to achieve their optimal weight and maintain it for good?

  •  Most people have a fairly good idea of how they need to eat to achieve an optimal weight and improve their health, but actually putting it into practice in the long term is often the hardest part.
  • A successful weight loss programme combines expert nutritional advice alongside practical, psychological strategies to overcome any obstacles (physical or emotional) to enable you to actually take action that
  • works for you. • Often, weight loss courses don’t work, simply because
  • leaders fail to realise that how you think and feel has a
  • big part to play in what you choose to eat. • Most weight loss programmes focus on the short term;
  • they don’t address the easy changes you can make every day to fit in with your busy life as a mum, wife, partner, friend, employee, boss or whatever other hats you wear!
  • In terms of losing weight, making that initial commitment is an essential first step, the second step is to find a course of action that really gets to the root of the problem for you as an individual and delivers long-lasting results:
  • We thought we’d share with you a few tips from our new and innovative Mindful Eating course that you can put into practice straight away:
  • Is there a magic solution? Contrary to the claims you will see on most magazine covers over the summer months, there is no magic solution or ‘quick-fix’; in simple terms, weight loss boils down to maths, you need to use more calories than you are taking in to encourage your body to break down fat reserves. However, once you’ve learnt some practical techniques to help you change your attitude and emotions around food, you can make changes to your life so easily and quickly that it can feel like magic.
  • Make healthy changes that will last for good – This really is key for successful weight loss. We believe that successful weight loss is about improving your health by making positive changes to your diet and lifestyle and the way you think and feel that will last for good. Successful weight loss is not about enduring your food and feeling deprived of certain foods for a limited amount of time and then reverting back to old habits, it’s about you taking responsibility for your own health because you want to, and about making healthy, tasty, nutritious food choices for life, and feeling really good about that.
  • Take on the habits of slim people – People who are naturally slim eat differently from people with weight issues. If you start to observe and model them you may notice they eat slower, stop when they’re full (instead
  • of when their plate is empty) and organise themselves
  • better around food. • Are you losing ‘fat’? – Unfortunately for weight
  • loss, your body sees its fat reserves as a valuable commodity that it naturally wants to cling on to, so alongside reducing calories in your diet it’s important to choose the right kinds of foods and also to get the timing right to encourage your body to let go of fat stores. Most weight loss courses and diet plans get this very wrong and so weight is lost from lean tissue rather than fat. Research shows that successful & healthy weight loss that can be sustained in the long term comes from fat rather than lean tissue.
  • Take a trip to the Mediterranean! – There are many health benefits of following a Mediterranean diet and lifestyle, including supporting a healthy weight. Choosing plenty of fresh vegetables and salad, some fruit, fish and poultry (organic where possible) combined with healthy oils such as olive oil, nuts, seeds and legumes such as chickpeas, lentils and beans is a great start towards achieving your optimal weight.
  • Make a meal of every meal! – We would also suggest trying to ‘think Mediterranean’ too; slowing down and making more time for enjoying meals are essential aspects of fostering a healthy weight and a healthy attitude towards food.
  • Create an intelligent relationship with food – Start to be a detective of what triggers you to eat; people who are overweight rarely eat just because they’re hungry. You’ll notice that you may use food for comfort,
  • stress relief and for ‘swallowing’ boredom, anxiety or ‘negative’ emotions such as anger or sadness.
  • The “do’s” and “do’s” of Mindful Eating: • Do eat breakfast. • Do keep track of your eating habits. (keep a food &
  • mood diary) • Do keep your evenings (after 8) free of food. • Do drink plenty of water • Do eat fat, the right kind of fat • Do delay/distract yourself (have a glass of water,
  • do a technique) • Do exercise instead of eat when bored. • Do eat mindfully. Put your knife and fork down between
  • each mouthful, slow down and chew. • Do only eat in certain settings (kitchen table). • Do watch your portion sizes. • Do allow yourself the foods you really love –
  • in moderation. • Do give yourself encouragement.
  • • Do think of eating as a lifestyle change. • Do take into account other things than the scales • Do plan your meals ahead so you can choose your
  • food rather than your food choosing you. • Do keep on going even if you’ve had a lapse – and be
  • nice to yourself – it’s just a lapse not the end of the
  • road • Do find some active pass-time that you enjoy and
  • make it part of your life. • Do learn to say “no thank you”. There’s no need to
  • justify your choices. Others should respect them. • Do think about your long-term goals (health) when
  • making food choices. So maybe it’s time to decide to change? Why not take a
  • moment to close your eyes and think how you’d like to be now, make it real, make it just the way you want it, take it all in and enjoy it.
  • Is it worth making some simple changes and deciding today to start taking more care of yourself? Maybe you could take just one tip from this article that you can put into practice straight away. The benefits for you and your family are endless.

To find out more about the next Mindful Eating Course

Come along to The Roastery @ Cedar Farm, Mawdesley, L40 3SY on Wednesday 14th March 10am – 11am for the first in a series of free monthly Mindful Eating get togethers.  This month we’ll be having an informal, friendly discussion about “Miracle Diets & The Media” as well as anything you’d like to bring to the table!  No need to book, just come along, treat yourself to a hot drink and find a comfy seat – we look forward to seeing you there!

Alternatively contact Rachel – 01704 821711 or Mandy – 07931 520101 – we look forward to hearing from you!

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