My website is about to go live in the next couple of days and I’ve been thinking about some of the people who’ve really helped me to get it to this point…

My first and foremost huge thanks has to go to Martin McCully at Milk & Two for his wonderful design skills and for ‘going that extra mile (or two!)’ in creating my website and new branding.  Thanks for all your patience and hard work Martin!

My fantastic photographs have come courtesy of Heather at Capture photography, an exceptionally talented photographer based here at Cedar Farm who’s really helped me out and delivered above and beyond.  Thanks Heather!

Brian at Rufford Print, again another Cedar Farm based business is always helping me out, with bits and bobs like scanning in my children’s illustrations, computer troubles and much more besides. Thanks Brian!

Rob at Selini, bespoke jewellery business here at Cedar Farm,  helped me out with a lovely image too, courtesy of Ab&Co.  Thanks Rob!

Regular chats with Phil at The Food Shop, again another Cedar Farm based business, have helped my blog and twitter skills!  The Food Shop’s delicious deli salads have also kept me well fed and nourished whilst busying away.  Thanks Phil!

Thanks also to Angela at Nutri and Sarah at Child’s Talk for sorting out a selection of PDFs for me.  Thanks!

And finally I have to thank my little ones Amelie and Tom, for their enthusiasm & creativity and my Jamie, who’s endured endless conversations about my website and has been a great sounding board for ideas!  Thanks you three!


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