In the last few days we’ve had 12 new (feathery) additions to our family.  Mum hen came complete with 11 chicks in tow and we’ve started the countdown to the days when our first eggs are likely to appear…

For me, teaching the principles of good nutrition involves so much more than simply encouraging children to eat a few more veggies whilst at the dinner table.  For me good nutrition is about the whole process from sourcing, preparing and cooking food to finally eating and sharing it with friends and family.  Understanding where food really comes from is therefore a vital part of this process.

And so, we’ve started the journey from chicken to egg and hopefully back to little chicks again someday.  As anticipated, our new feathery friends have already sparked lots of questions from my children about eating meat, but after a few hours of abstaining, they’ve decided it’s probably ‘ok’ as long as we don’t eat the ones scratching around our garden!

I’m told there’s nothing quite like finding the very first egg from your own brood, and for my children it’s likely to be more precious than gold dust; tucking into our very own boiled eggs and soldiers for the first time will be a breakfast banquet like never before.

“So which came first”, I asked them yesterday, “the chicken or the egg?” And a day later, they still haven’t decided on their final answer!

Perhaps we’ll find out in the months to come…..



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