Booking a consultation is about investing in your health, both now and for the future.  Rachel offers a range of different consultations to suit your needs.
"For many children 'healthy food' is boring whereas sweets, chocolate and crisps are exciting treats.  It's my mission to completely turn this around!"
Whilst Rachel's primary concern is with food; nutrition supplements and testing are an integral part of Rachel's practice.
Rachel runs regular courses on a range of different nutrition topics, for children as well as adults.
To book a consultation or if you have any questions you can contact Rachel at her clinic on 01704 821 711 or online here.

Nutrition Supplements

“Food, not nutrients, is the fundamental unit in nutrition ”(2)

Rachel’s primary concern is with food and diet.  As part of a consultation, supplements may be recommended as an adjunct to dietary changes where deficiencies are identified. In these cases, supplementation may be the most effective route to optimal health in addition to improving your diet.

“Many people who come to see me are completely overwhelmed by the range of different supplements offered for sale, everywhere from health food shops to pharmacists and supermarkets with a complete range of prices to match.  Add to this the conflicting advice you’ll read about vitamins and minerals and it really is no wonder the nation is confused!”

Read Rachel’s simple guide to supplements.

Functional Testing

Rachel offers a range of functional tests to assess the status of your health in different areas. 
“We’re all becoming more aware of the importance of  prevention. These diagnostic tests provide a detailed insight into the health of the individual and can help to identify problems before chronic conditions and disease develop.”



2. Jacobs DR Jr, Tapsell LC. Nutr Rev. 2007 Oct; 65(10): 439-50